How You Can Organize

The process of organizing is easy!

The first step is to recognize the benefits of belonging to a union and getting the people you work with excited about the idea. You then need to sign authorization card that you can get from our union office. These cards would be kept private and no one would know who signed them. (You can always call this office for guidance in this process – 314-664-0202).

It is a good idea to have over half your group sign cards to insure recognition and a victory in an election. Bring the cards to us at the union offices (5850 Elizabeth Avenue, St. Louis) and we take them to the National Labor Relations Board in St. Louis. They will recognize your group and hold a vote, and if the pro-union vote wins, Local 4 is authorized to represent your group. We can then start the process of negotiation a contract with your employer. You would not be obligated to pay any dues until a contract is agreed to. In addition, you would be part of this process. Your suggestions and input would be essential to getting the terms and conditions your group wants. If you are currently a member of Local 4, you can help unorganized groups to become union members. You can be of great help in encouraging them to sign cards and contacting Local 4.
If at any time you would like to meet with and ask questions about Union benefits please give us a call. We would keep all meetings in confidence.